Why Your Best Customers are Your Customers

Why your best customers are your customers

You know your best customers are your existing customers and that the most profitable business is repeat business. Our research showed this clearly with in-store retail upselling products almost three times as much as online stores did.

But how do you make the most of your face-to-face advantage?

It’s important that staff are in tune with customers and are quickly able to recognise the most appropriate terms of engagement.

For instance, planned shoppers will likely want staff to share a broader and deeper product understanding. Prospects will have done their homework and genuinely appreciate added value advice on complementary or associated products. An impulse shopper on the other hand will require a lighter touch, a gentler steer.

It’s one thing to recognise these different approaches intuitively, another to apply them skillfully – to successfully share the right information with the right prospect. It takes training.

Which begs the questions … what about other types of customer? How can you identify subtler shades of motivation and tap into a wider range of customer profiles and motivations more effectively?

Is it enough to rely on retail staff intuition to maximise a sales opportunity?

How much greater might sales have been if staff had been specifically trained to recognise and expertly deal with a range of buyers?

Important retail questions, each with the same simple answer.

A response that bears repeating:
Training. Training. Training.

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