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What can other retailers learn from DIY and Garden Centres?

What can other retailers learn from DIY and Garden Centres?

Do you ever go shopping unsure of exactly what it is you want or need? Well, you’re not alone. Plenty of people turn to retail staff seeking informed advice, a little guidance or just an opinion – especially DIY and Garden Centre customers. That would explain why according to our research, 50% of DIY and garden enthusiasts  are likely to shop in store.

There’s something about an acquired, mature knowledge that many customers appreciate. A fact highlighted in the 78% who told us that they think retail staff in DIY and Garden Centres are the best at understanding the products and explaining the benefits.

Customers value their experience, and they warm to emotional intelligence. Service that comes across as friendly, with honest advice, that they’re there to help and guide and not necessarily to sell, sell, sell.

Contrast this to the response of consumer technology customers, who according to our survey, trust sales staff knowledge the least.

Lessons to be learnt from DIY and Garden Centres?

To put it simply – different stokes for different folks. Staff have their own individual abilities along with their own individual interests and motivations. The better these differences are recognised, the closer staff can get to their customers.

Matching personalities, interests and life experience to different retail roles and environments is a great way to build your retail business.

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