Time for Retail to ‘Step Up’?

Time for Retail to ‘Step Up’? 

Take a wander down any High Street or pick up any newspaper and it’s clear that retail is having a tough time. No surprises there.
In an increasingly multichannel world, what can in store retail do to reclaim its place at the heart of the customer sales journey? Isn’t it time for retail to dust itself down, step up to the plate and turn the multichannel challenge into fresh opportunities?

Of course it is. The big question as ever is… how?

Well, here’s one answer. A single word answer in fact – communication.

Our consumer research revealed that 75% of online shoppers feel retail staff fail to communicate well, with staff failing to provide the kind of detailed and informed product knowledge that people now expect.
With 50% of click and collect customers also believing that retail staff ‘fail to explain products and services well,’ it seems as though many, having collected their purchases, are leaving stores frustrated with their experience. Is it any surprise then that so many planned shoppers now prefer to shop online? 

And when they go online? They love it. Nearly two thirds told us that online retailers’ websites are “good at showcasing all their products and services”.
It’s clear that for bricks and mortar retail to play its full multichannel role, it needs to bridge the communication gap with targeted, educative and empowering training.  

Put bluntly… an informed and engaged staff isn’t just desirable, it’s a competitive necessity.

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