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The Modern-Day Zombie Apocalypse

The Modern-Day Zombie Apocalypse is upon us. 

Workplace zombies are aimlessly dragging themselves down the aisles looking for someone to feed on, passing their lack of thirst for their role on to any colleague that spends even the smallest amount of time with them.  The infection can spread in only a matter of moments.

Disengaged, lifeless, fleshy forms travel in herds around the organisation, their employers becoming increasingly more concerned about the workplace zombies’ presence within the retail sector.  Creating a culture of indifference, zombies make it difficult for others to do their job.

“It all happened so quickly.”

The Modern-Day Zombie Apocalypse does not always present itself when you least expect it, however.  Unhappiness in the workplace can be manifested within the very foundations of your business long before any symptoms become visible.  Of course, there are those initial observations that can be made, such as pinpointing the slow movers from a distance, but with the nature of zombies being that they don’t survive for long on their own, the probability of their multiplication is relatively high.

So, how can you prevent the spread of zombie infection in the workplace? 

Here’s a few tips to help you keep your head:

  • Living your company’s values would be a great place to start. How can you communicate your brand message throughout your organisation, and then to your customers, if your values are essentially dead?
  • Promote a healthy work-life balance. Increased fatigue and irritability affect morale and reduce the immune system efficiency.  Feeling like the undead will make your workforce susceptible to illness, making them easier for workplace zombies to feed on.
  • Involve everyone in creating the organisation of tomorrow. Through building an engaged community you can plant seeds of consciousness. Cultivate these seeds and then use them to revive disengaged colleagues when the first signs of zombification begin to take hold.
  • Treat your employees like the human beings that they are. Take an active interest in your team’s wellbeing, ensuring operational and financial concerns do not supersede each individual’s importance.  By feeding your employee’s brains you can be sure that they won’t be tempted to eat anyone else’s.

The concept of a zombie apocalypse is much more than just an American horror story; it is the fate of a company worse than death. Keep your organisation alive by being transparent across all areas of your business.  The workplace zombies do not shy away from openly spilling the guts of their co-workers in front of you, so it’s only polite to share the same sentiment.

If you have started to notice a larger than average turnover rate, or an unexplainable drop in your recent profit margins, there may have been an eruption of the undead that has taken place that you have not yet been made aware of, either that or one is likely to be imminent.

Do not give into those feelings of impending doom; we can help.



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