The ace that retailers have

The ace that retailers have

Retail training to give a sales team great interpersonal skills has never been as important as it is today.

If a retailer wants to survive against the increasing competition of Internet sales and TV shopping channels they need to recognise the one great ACE that they have up their sleeve.

That ACE is the ability to build a face-to-face relationships with the customer and give them an experience that the Internet or TV shopping can’t.

Training can contribute enormously in this area and develop the skills that build great customer relationships and customer experiences.

Equally important is product knowledge. Today’s customer has access to the Internet and many will visit a store to build on that knowledge. Their expectation is that the salesperson will know more than they do and it’s frustrating to discover that in many cases they don’t. If the manufacturer wants to have confidence that the sales person will sell their product, they will have to make available training opportunities for sales people. That can be done by field training when trainers visit a manufacturer’s key retailers to impart brand and product knowledge, by skilfully designed distance training programmes or dedicated internet sites.

Training creates confidence and confidence creates sales.

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