Telling Your Brand Story.

Your brand story… much more than just a dream or fable.

Telling stories is a concept that hasn’t really changed much over time.  Sure, the mediums and platforms have evolved, but the stories themselves are still being told according to their audience.  Some stories have a didactic code as their undercurrent, rendering the aesthetics as subordinate to the wisdom the story imparts, whereas other stories are riddled with particular modes dependent upon the genre.

So, what is a brand story, and where does it reside?

Your brand story isn’t a story it all.  While there may be an element of wanting to push your products or services into the world through the content you produce, your brand story isn’t a work of fiction.  Instead, it is an honest reflection of who you are and what you do for others. It’s a compelling narrative about how your brand adds value to people’s lives, and how and where those people can engage with you.  Fundamentally, your brand story is about telling the truth, and telling it well.

Your brand story is human.

Your brand story elicits an emotional response from all those that consume it.  It sweeps across each individual in your company and is then worn as a shroud across your front line.  The way that your business conducts itself can be measured by the number of employees that buckle under the weight of it.

Your front of house team is to be understood as an ambassador for your brand.  They play a huge role in telling your brand’s story because they literally embody it.  They also allow every person that they come into contact with to become an omniscient narrator on your behalf; each consumer passes their all-knowing perspective on the story being told to them to almost anyone within ear shot.  In fact, they now have the ability to offer their interpretation of your story to internet users on the other side of the world, twenty-four hours a day.  Are you familiar with the alternate depiction of The Sandman as it is observed by those outside of European folk law?  This is kind of the same thing.

How can you be certain your brand story is being told by a reliable source?

Ultimately, you can’t. What you can do however is optimise each user experience both on and offline.  You need to make sure that your brand message is the protagonist in each narrative, regardless of how it is presented.  The message being conveyed needs to be consistent across the board. This not only avoids ambiguity but it also cements trust in your brand because everywhere you look the message is the same, the message is the truth.

We can help your team understand the importance of your brand message, and how to use the mechanics of storytelling in their sales approach.  Contact us to see how we can put a little emotion into your brand…

“To handle yourself, use your head.  To handle others, use your heart.”









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