Conference Hall at The Strategy and Marketing Indaba, London 2017

The Strategy And Marketing Indaba, 2017


The Strategy and Marketing Indaba, 2017, promised to be a life-changing experience, with speakers from across the globe attending the event. Christine Knott, Managing Director of Beyond The Box, reflected on her own experiences, and explained how they have moulded her business techniques.

Here at Beyond The Box we believe one of the greatest investments a business can make is to invest in their people.

Christine’s presentation truly encompassed all of her character! Using props, Christine demonstrated how she manages a successful business:

  • The Shape Sorter: The audience were faced with the challenge of fitting a square peg into a round hole. Of course, this proved almost impossible, and reiterated the all too familiar concept.
  • The £1 Coin: Representative of value, not profit. Your company’s business plan may change over time, but your core values will always remain the same.
  • Honesty Seeds: Being transparent is essential for successful business. By being honest about yourself and your practices you promote your business as a reliable source, in which your customers can trust.
  • A Lion Bar: A symbol of bravery. Don’t be afraid to let your business grow and move with the times. Seek that new market, and research that new technology.
  • Mini Brain Eraser: ‘Use it or lose it.’ Exercise your brain and learn something new everyday.

“Making strong connections with people, and building positive relationships, is what we like to do best,” said Christine Knott, Managing Director of Beyond The Box.

“Our presence at The Strategy and Marketing Indaba allowed us to speak to a wide range of audience, in a way that was accessible to everyone. It doesn’t matter where you have come from, what matters is where you’re wanting to go.”

Using visual aids and taking learning experiences out of a ‘classroom’ environment is a concept that we actively promote at Beyond The Box. Each and every individual responds differently to various methods of learning.

Our person centered training methods enable us to ensure engagement, whilst addressing the immediate needs of your business.

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