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Selling Products in the Salon?

Many hair and beauty havens view themselves as simply offering a service, and rarely consider the option of selling products in the salon. Visits to salons are opportunities to be treated and pampered, but whatever the reasoning for the client’s visit they are in a very hot sales seat!  

The salon client is the perfect audience for any sales person; they aren’t going anywhere for a period of time, meaning they are more likely to listen to the words that their therapist is saying.  Despite this opportunity, many salons and their colleagues appear to fail to seize this prime opportunity to sell the hair/beauty products that they are using.

Of course, some customers will not be interested in making any additional purchases, but some will, and those that will are lost opportunities for the salon to make additional revenue.

Before buying anything, customers need to justify their purchase. The process of justifying the purchase takes as long as is necessary. Some customers can justify a purchase quickly, and make the decision to buy during their visit to the salon.  For others it can take longer: days, weeks, even months, before they choose to buy.  Either way, if they don’t know about the products or they are not invited to consider them, how can they possibly make the decision to buy them?

Some customers will ask about products without prompt; they have an immediate interest in understanding if and how they will add to their personal regime. Other customers may ask questions to fully appreciate the experience of their visit. If they don’t ask however,  it is down to the therapist, receptionist, or anyone in the salon, to introduce the idea of using the products at home.  

The customer benefits of selling products in salons are:

  • Regular use of the product will allow for immediate application, delivering longer lasting results
  • It could be more cost effective to purchase salon products which last longer than high street brands
  • The customer experience is enhanced; someone is taking a greater interest in them
  • The customer does not have to add the products to their shopping list

The salon benefits of selling products are:

  • Additional revenue
  • More delighted customers though enhanced, and exceptional customer service

So, if the benefits are so good, what is stopping salons from introducing products?   Here are just some of the reasons:

  • ‘The customer is in the salon for the experience, and not to buy.’  This is often heard, but let’s not forget that the customer will be purchasing the products- if not the brand- from somewhere, so why not the salon? If they don’t want their salon experience to be interrupted, suggestions can be offered at the end of the session.  Don’t forget: introducing products and their benefits can enhance the customer experience
  • The fear of rejection.  No one wants to feel rejected, and we all know it happens when we are selling something. Learn to accept that not everyone will buy and that’s okay! Understand that some customers take longer to justify their purchase, so they might buy on their next visit. Learn that some people will buy happily and immediately, so enjoy the fact that they do.
  • ‘They cost too much.’ It is not uncommon for salespeople to think the products they sell are too expensive, choosing not to sell them.  Remember, most products offer value for money when spread over the lifetime of use.  Purchasing from a salon could offer value for money.  It is also important to recognise that some customers might not view the products as expensive, and the products are regarded as an investment 
  • Limited product knowledge.  This leads to a lack of confidence – we all prefer to know what we are talking about
  • The salon doesn’t focus on additional sales.  That is the choice of the salon, but consider the benefits that the customer and the salon are missing!

To support the sale of products why not try these ideas:

  • In store promotions via special offers
  • Create interesting displays
  • Place a small card at each bench, inviting customers to ask the therapist about the products they are using
  • Offer the products as the prize for a raffle you hold in the salon for a local charity.  Use this as an opportunity to discuss the products and sell the tickets
  • Offer incentives to the person selling most products
  • Know the products so you feel confident to talk about them


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