Beyond The Box’s Sales Maker Programme

If you want to drive more profit into your business, your team must be prepared and capable of converting more sales.
Sales Maker will give your team the skills to be the people that customers want to buy from. And remember, “people buy from people”.

When it comes to selling, the race is on!  Is your team capable of reaching the finish line with money to put in your tills?

How do we do it?

Sales Maker, Beyond The Box’s sales training programme, has been designed to give retail sales teams the skills they need to meet the changing expectations of today’s consumer.

Based on five elements each with sub modules, Sales Maker offers powerful tools and communication techniques that are highly effective. Sales Maker can be tailored to the needs of your organisation and work just as effectively with experienced sales people, with people who are new to selling or with people who are new to your business.

Sales Maker is based on five key elements that cover all the areas your team need to excel in, if they are to turn enquiries and visits to your store into sales.

Customer, communication, product, passion, observation

Beyond The Box's Sales maker Mix®

Each element is packed with sub modules that cover basic sales techniques for your new teams through to fresh and new ideas for your experienced people.

People will buy if the basics are in place and they enjoy the experience of being in your store. A major part of that experience is the interaction they have with the sales person, and that is taken into consideration with each module.

Beyond The Box’s Sales Maker Programme will give your staff all the tools they need to increase conversion rates and average transaction values.  It educates your teams to recognise opportunities that can be turned into sales.  It shows them how to create desires for your product so that customers buy.  It gives them the tools to put more money into your tills by knowing when to close the sale.

Sometimes time and budgets restrict your choice of sales training.  Sometimes your team only need certain areas of knowledge.  That’s the beauty of Sales Maker, because it is based on a modular format you can pick and mix to create the perfect tailored programme for your business, your budget and your people.

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