Retail training

Working with some of the biggest brands in retail and supply, we train people in retail to sell more products, to raise average transaction values and improve conversion rates.

For highly effective sales, upselling, cross selling, POS, merchandising, window dressing – Beyond The Box is the place to come!

Switched on retailers understand that customers want to visit stores and be welcomed by genuinely interested and engaged sales staff. When we have trained your people, you can be confident that they will not only know how to achieve such a positive customer experience, but also, crucially, how to maintain this day in and day out.

Our Change Reaction training model is engaging and creative and continues to be proven as highly effective. Our methods are geared to ensuring that delegates “learn, remember and do” and that your managers are equipped with tools and techniques to monitor and manage progress. This in turn delivers for you a quicker return on your investment.

Change Reaction teaches, develops, inspires and embeds effective sales techniques that create excellent habits, and lively and committed mindsets.

we energise and re-energise sales teams

we show how to raise average transaction values

we develop the ability to improve conversion rates

we improve the customer experience

– all with the simple aim of increasing profit for our clients.

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Sales Maker programme

Our sales training programme, Sales Maker, has modules full of effective, powerful tools and communication techniques that we tailor to your needs.

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All sorts of businesses want our effective learning methodologies that develop skills in leadership, negotiation, problem solving, managing staff etc.

What would you get from Beyond The Box?

For almost 20 years we have successfully improved the business performance of our clients through training and coaching retail teams.

Improve conversion rates

How to achieve more sales from your existing customers

Improve conversion rates

How many people make up your sales team?
Imagine if each person could convert just one extra customer every week, how much additional revenue that would mean to your business?
Now imagine each of them each doing two or three extra sales per week… Beyond The Box could help you achieve that.

Increase average transaction values

How to upsell and cross sell more effectively

Increase average transaction values

Imagine what it would mean to your revenue if each customer to your store spent an extra £5 or £20, maybe even £100, simply as a result of your confident and skilled sales staff who can upsell and cross sell more effectively.

Generate repeat customers

How much does it cost your business to find a new customer?

Generate repeat customers

How much does it cost your business to find a new customer?
The simple answer: a lot!
Delighted customers will be happy to demonstrate their brand loyalty by returning to the stores they love and the sales people they enjoy doing business with.
Improving staff engagement and interaction, making customers feel special and important whilst ensuring they are offered the right solution for their individual needs, are all key to achieving this ‘holy grail’ of retail.
Beyond The Box can embed such skills that guarantee success.

Develop product sales knowledge

Identifying customers’ current and future needs requires skilled interaction, appreciating buying signals, overcoming objections, closing sales.

Develop product sales knowledge

How knowledgeable and confident are your sales staff with the products they sell?
Are sales features being translated into tangible ‘real world’ benefits that customers understand and feel they can’t do without?
Do they have the confidence to sell higher ticket items?
There may be a sales process in your business that your sales teams have to follow, but are your sales people using it in a way that engages your customers so that your business achieves its targets?
Beyond The Box’s retail training delivers these time and time again.

Improve product placement and merchandising

Good product placement and merchandising are absolutely key in today’s increasingly competitive and crowded retail market.

Improve product placement and merchandising

Can your customers see your product on the shop floor?
Is it accessible?

Does it look enticing and have display appeal?
Does it encourage your customer to want to own and buy it?
How confident are you that your stock and the manner in which it’s displayed will increase the likelihood of a sale?
Use the expert eye of Beyond The Box to ensure you maximise every opportunity.

Put the 'WOW' into window dressing

How many people walk into your stores just because of the impact of your window displays?
How many simply walk past because the display does little to wow or entice them?

Put the 'WOW' into window dressing

A well-dressed window might mean simple or intricate, minimal or full, many colours or few, thought provoking or obvious.
What you do in your window can have a marked effect on footfall and mean the difference between hitting sales targets and falling short.
Beyond The Box’s effective and proven retail training can provide your sales people and in-store staff with the confidence, skills and ability to achieve consistently better results in all these areas and help to create positive cultures and behaviours.

Impact positively on customer service

Don't let poor customer care adversely affect the excellent work your sales teams do

Impact positively on customer service

The excellent work your sales teams may do could be adversely affected by poor customer care by one person in that or another department.
Once we’ve taught the various tools and techniques for effective selling, it’s important that those skills are developed further after a period of time.
Beyond The Box ‘s coaching programmes develop the sales and customer service skills we teach and embed further and higher level of ability for your people.


Coaching for improved performance

Beyond The Box offers an ‘holistic’ approach, a comprehensive three step programme whereby we create a selling legacy for your business.

Three step programme

  • Step 1
    We introduce people to selling techniques and educate them in new skills, matching our delivery to the pace of selling they need.
  • Step 2
    We train their supervisors and managers in how best to help their staff as they introduce and practice these new skills in the workplace.
  • Step 3
    We coach all your people in applying and embedding these and more skills with ongoing help to ensure continuous improvement and development.

Over time, we enable you to become more self sufficient as you develop and maintain your selling legacy in your business. Beyond The Box gives you skilled, knowledgeable and motivated people and a better return on your investment.

Client and delegate feedback
How did we do with our retail training?

Here are a few examples

“Dixons Retail has worked with Beyond The Box on several different projects over the last few years, the main one being the creation and development of a highly successful field product training team.

This required Beyond The Box to work closely with us to fully understand our store operating model, sales model and the specific needs of colleagues and their individual training plans. They also needed to work with manufacturers to support with the building of product knowledge across a wide cross-section of product categories.

Our KPIs and expected ROI for this programme have all been exceeded, particularly and most importantly those concerning customer satisfaction and customer advocacy, both of which are a positive reflection of the improved knowledge and improvement in the overall customer experience that our colleagues have been able to provide.”Chris Barrell, Head of Product Training, Training & Development (Dixons Retail)

“What a good course, great energy throughout. I learned and refreshed vast amounts of information. Thoroughly enjoyed all the interactive work. The trainer was very clear, informative, enthusiastic and patient.”
HP, [Stena Line]
“I commissioned Beyond The Box to provide retail training to employees at our new charity shop with the objective of increasing sales and improving customer service to local people. Following Christine’s training day which included the provision of written materials, recommendations and guidance, this has now achieved the required results.

Employees and volunteers now have more confidence in speaking with customers and in displaying goods. Tangible benefits are of increased efficiency in volunteers working as a team, in processing goods and in creating more attractive shop displays.

New housekeeping rotas are running efficiently, all volunteers are trained in every aspect of the duties they are asked to perform: we are currently having a greater volume of donations to sort and price and all volunteers are now assisting with this to make the merchandising process more efficient.

Improved engagement with customers in asking open questions, the importance of displaying merchandise and motivating volunteers are all crucial aspects of a successful operation and the training received from Beyond The Box has ensured much improved effectiveness in all these areas.”Hazel Jackson, Human Resources Manager (Age Concern Bradford & District)