What do Shoppers Really Want and How Can Retailers Offer It?

What do Shoppers Really Want and How Can Retailers Offer It?

Three interesting facts of retail life for you:

  1. 90% of all transactions happen in store.
  2. 23.1% of UK adults use smartphones to visit retail websites.
  3. British consumers spend more online than consumers from any other major country, according to a recent Ofcom International Communications Market Report.
Put them together and what have you got?

Answer: That shoppers are essentially channel agnostic. They simply want to buy the right product, at the right price and as conveniently as possible, whether on or offline.

Retail without boundaries

Retailers who recognise the flexibility of multichannel retail and deploy the policy and technology that allows them to adapt to customer’s modern needs, are already benefiting. Specifically those appreciating that many modern purchasing decisions are often the result of complex customer journeys that touch online, offline and mobile. Non-linear journeys that retailers need to make as seamless as possible.

In contrast, retailers that silo their sales channels and are unable to adopt a more holistic sales approach will see customers following the path of least resistance… to the competition.

Fulfilling retail’s important role in the multichannel picture

So if an in-store retail presence is to play its full role as part of an integrated retail approach, how can it best contribute? How can retail offer the right service and the right information at the right time in the sales cycle?

Expert training – expert staff

With policy and technology in place we think the answer’s pretty clear. Expert training that leads to expert staff and results in an exceptional offline retail experience.

Retail staff properly trained to succeed in the world of multichannel retail.

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