Our key people

Christine Knott

Managing Director

Christine set up Beyond The Box in 1999 to enable her to continue her passion for training in her own unique style.

Her first taste of training was at Smiths Crisps in Cheadle, Christine’s first full time ‘real’ job. The factory environment was a great learning ground for production, targets, man management and more importantly learning about people.

Her role in Hotpoint as a Trainer Merchandiser gave her a supplier’s view of the retail industry and, combined with previous selling experience of a range of products and services, provided the ideal background for communicating her insight and practical knowledge when she set up her own business.

Christine turned training on its head when she introduced interactive games and challenges into the training room which produced spectacular results. Her exciting, engaging and highly effective way of training people and developing their skills is the hallmark of the company.

Nurturing talent extends to her hobby of gardening and the challenge of growing vegetables from seed. What a coincidence!