Increasing Sales for the Indesit Company


Increasing Sales for the Indesit Company

Top European household appliance manufacturer, Indesit Company with brands such as Indesit, Ariston and Hotpoint, commissioned Beyond the Box to formulate and deliver a bespoke sales training programme.

The company approached Beyond The Box because of their strong background in NLP, as they were looking for course that included techniques from this discipline.

NLP is founded on the school of thought that everyone has ‘preferred language’. Some people use visual words in conversation such as: ‘see’, ‘looks’ and ‘picture this’, and other colourful and bright words. Others prefer auditory words such as ‘listen’ and ‘hear’. Finally a kinaesthetic person is influenced by how we ‘feel’ about something.

By listening and looking out for the words, consumers use in conversation, you can respond back by using their preferred language of words. The benefit to any sales process is that rapport is built much faster – a solid foundation for any sale.

‘Sell How the Customer Buys’

Beyond The Box designed and delivered a tailored course, which included NLP elements, to improve the selling process, and ultimately sales conversions. It was based around selling to the customer in the way they prefer ‘to buy’ rather than following a set sales procedure that ‘sells’ how the salesperson chooses ‘to sell’.

Jeanette Jones, an Indesit Company Sales Manger commented; “Every member of my team has stated it was the best course they had been on. They can now ‘read’ their customer much better. They have an increased understanding of individual buying patterns and tailor their sales pitch in accordance.” As a result, Jeanette’s team has forged and built much stronger relationships with their customers, leading to greater results. They regularly ask her when the follow-on course is to take place, and there is much demand from sales personnel who haven’t as yet attended the course to be allocated a place on future courses.