Field marketing

Field marketing is our passion! Relying on others to sell your product can sometimes be a gamble. You have no control over the people your retailers employ or how they train them to sell. You might have an opportunity to support the retailer and influence what their staff know about your brands, your products and how they introduce and sell them to the end user.

We reduce the risk in that gamble for you.

Beyond The Box has a proven track record working with retailers and their suppliers to upskill retail staff on both proven consultative selling techniques and product knowledge. Find out about our Brand Driver programme.

When working with retailers we train their staff to sell; when working with suppliers, we train them to sell their brand and product.

We have been educating retail staff and supplying field training teams to do that on behalf of brands for almost 20 years and we know what works and what doesn’t. Just look at some of the businesses who trust us.

Beyond The Box’s field marketing services can provide you with the people you need to help sell your products in greater volume. Our successful training pedigree means that we have taken field marketing to another level to deliver a greater return on your investment.

Outsourcing your field marketing to an established and reputable supplier like Beyond The Box delivers significant benefits, including

  • increased market share
  • reduced headcount
  • lower fixed costs – and
  • safe hands for your brand.

The people we supply

Beyond The Box can work alongside you to supply highly experienced and professional people:

  • Brand Ambassadors are a valuable extension to your team. They will represent your brand in store, educate and motivate the people you rely on to sell it and gather valuable information from the shop floor and the customer. Quite simply, they are your eyes and ears in store
  • Merchandisers will keep track of your products, raise their profile with effective point of sale and check they are perfectly in order to face your customers
  • Promotion teams will professionally represent your brand at exhibitions, in stores, at any venue where you need to be in front of your customers ‘in force’
  • Demonstrators ensure your customers experience your product in the precise way you want them to

We use FACT – Field Activity Capture Tool

All activity will be recorded via our popular FACT system: Field Activity Capture Tool. This tool records and reports on product displays, how many people are trained and where, staff feedback, diarises each individual’s calendar of current and planned activity. With FACT you can see at a glance exactly what is happening and where, so you can manage comprehensive information very effectively.

For more information simply contact us on 0845 270 6530 or complete our email enquiry form.

Brand Driver programme

When it comes to field marketing teams, the key requirement is to create a pathway for your brand that ensures total success.
Beyond The Box has been implementing the elements of our Brand Driver programme for almost 20 years. Brand Driver delivers effective ways to sell your brand through a combination of brand knowledge, product knowledge, after-sales care knowledge and sales skills.

We use proven techniques

  • to create comprehensive brand awareness
  • to instil memorable product knowledge
  • to generate compelling confidence in selling your brand
  • to communicate effective after-sales information

The results of our Brand Driver programme can be summed up in one word: confidence. We create confidence, we instil confidence and we ensure confidence in any Beyond The Box field marketing team. They in turn transfer that confidence to driving your brand, your product, your customer.

Why not take advantage of our specialist experience and let us help drive your brand.
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Client and store colleague feedback
How did we do with our field marketing?

Here are some examples

Having completed a course run by Beyond The Box on Train the Trainer I now have the skills to write and design training packages to deliver effective programmes to sales staff. The course enabled me to become more creative and encouraged me to develop my ideas in both design and delivery of courses. I can now confidently train in a variety of settings, including classroom training using visual aids, games and props and on the shop floor. I now feel I can understand and identify different learning styles and adapt my training accordingly. This has given me much more confidence and passion in my role and a strong desire to achieve more.

Training Manager, (Hoover)
“Thank you for the work you have undertaken for us recently. The quality of research and delivery for both the “Coaching for leaders” and the “Train the Trainer” courses far exceeded my expectations, and have certainly made an immediate impact in terms of motivation levels and sales performance of all staff within the department.

The delivery of the training course, which you assisted our local trainers in putting together, was really well received by all the staff who attended. This is a testament to your ability to conduct great research and tailor a bespoke training package to suit business needs.

My managers have been enthusing about the Coaching course and are finding the modules that you delivered particularly beneficial. I must say they were not looking forward to the course, as they had the perception that standard “off the shelf” material would be delivered in the usual format. However, all of them thoroughly enjoyed the training you delivered, and all have commented on how your personality and the style of your delivery was a real contributing factor to this. You certainly proved their perceptions wrong!

I have the strong belief that the true measure of the success of a training event is whether the learning is put into place on a day to day basis. I am pleased to say that eight weeks after you delivered the initial course, the learning is in place. It has now become a habit.

From a personal point of view, I was particularly impressed by the way in which you conducted the research prior to the delivery of the courses. In my experience this is a rare thing in that line of work. The majority of other companies in my opinion, are often too quick to deliver an off the shelf package to suit perhaps 50% of requirements, with limited cost and time investment on their part. I think this is a real unique selling point for you and something at which you are particularly strong.
Julie Marsh, Customer Service Manager (Co-operative Bank)

“This was one of the best training courses I have ever been on. I found the two days extremely interesting, useful and FUN! Plus, with your energy and passion you managed to build this great connection with everyone and injected some really positive vibes in the group.”
MS, (Indesit)