face-to-face training is still important in the digital age

Face-to-Face Training vs Online Learning

Faceā€“to-face training is still the most effective way to learn, even with the emergence of online learning.

Although users irrespective of time or location can access online learning, not all skills can be learned online. This is especially true of students who are looking to provide a bespoke service, reaching world-class standard.

Traditional face-to-face training therefore has many advantages, including giving both trainers and pupils the opportunity to ask questions and revise teaching methods accordingly. Each person learns differently, and when engaged in a face-to-face training session it is much easier for explanations to be offered to those who are unsure. Miscommunication and misinterpretation is kept to a minimum.

Digital learning does however allow for large bodies of material to be consumed, but it does not allow human interaction. Discussions and debates, regarding subject topics, can only take place in a traditional learning environment. Possibilities to learn from other people, understanding new perceptions and considerations, are made readily available in an interactive setting.

It is increasingly important to remember that networking is a key aspect to any business. Face-to-face training is to be used as a platform to perfect networking skills, with behaviours mirroring those that take place whilst building rapport. Virtual learning may appear to have cost effective and time efficient attributes, but it does not allow for a high level of personable engagement.

Being able to rewind, pause and replay online training material requires a large amount of discipline from the learner; it is easy to be distracted away from online resources. Trainees are able to multi-task whilst taking part in courses, limiting the amount of knowledge being retained.

Face-to-face training sessions on the other hand take place at a specific time, in a specific place, removed from negative interruption. These training courses are customised to suit business needs, ensuring the audience remain attentive and focused.

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