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Emotional Intelligence in The Workplace

Emotional intelligence in the workplace- it’s more than just a feeling.

Staring into the lifeless face of your computer screen you begin to question your own importance, are you more than just a machine?

The obvious answer is of course you are; you’re a human being with so much to give, your complex nature can never be replicated by a product built to interpret data… and yet you’re still sat contemplating your own worth whilst attempting to compete with the CPU of the array of devices that are perpetually placed before you. Each latest model serving as a reminder of your own aging and dispensable self.

The disruption that is caused by artificial intelligence is greatly admired for its innovative performances, but currently you’re sat at your desk worrying about how your own performance is being monitored, and whether or not your KPI’s are being achieved. There is a deafening silence between your ears telling you not to upset the apple cart- you’re aware that a machine could take over your job at any moment.

How are you to excel in your position if the only conversations you’re allowed to have are positive ones?

With majority of organisations becoming more dependent upon technology to aid them through their day to day existence, it is important to keep the real-life colleagues in their existence too. Emotional intelligence is much more than just expressing a fleeting moment of praise to a high achieving member of your team, it’s about recognising and understanding the spectrum of emotions and how they impact each individual.

Emotional recognition in the workplace should no longer be a taboo. Not expressing your emotions does not mean that you are in control of your team, it means that you are not being intuitive to their needs. Noticed a reduction in productivity recently? That’s probably why.

Addressing negative emotions is actually highly beneficial when they are received in an open and intelligent way. Emotional intelligence strongly impacts an individual’s behaviour, and in return their performance at work, meaning that it is in your company’s best interest to look past the archaic notion of equating emotions with vulnerability, and instead to display a willingness to open communication.

Emotional enrichment isn’t the strangest thing to happen recently.

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