Two people shaking hands. customer Service

Customer Service. The Friendly Chap Waiting to Assist

Customer service is more than just ensuring client satisfaction, it’s about building and maintaining a long lasting relationship.

Customer Service stands firm at the forefront of your favourite retailer’s door. He welcomes you with his subtle charms, being witty yet polite, making you feel comfortable in his presence. If successful, you and Customer Service will become great friends. You will begin to see one another on a regular basis, and he will begin to fully understand your needs and trends.

After a short time, you will begin to broadcast the endearing qualities that your new companion possesses. Your immediate friendship group will pass their own experiences of their newly found Customer Services back and forth over the table, whilst encountering new forms of interaction during lunch.

Your extended circles will hear about your new friend over Facebook and Twitter. The colours, logo and brand values associated with your chosen customer service buddy will become easily recognised over each of your digital platforms. Such a quick and accessible way to voice your opinion, to a large audience, within a matter of seconds!

Without even realising it you begin to be surrounded by many a friendly chap, each of them wanting to be recognised and accepted by you. Of course, you want to remain loyal to your original store companion, but everywhere you turn there’s a new form of customer service demanding your attention.

Face recognition technology is analysing your expressions and making alterations to the way in which customer service presents itself to you. Lively and vibrant customer service friends are now appearing in every retailer’s window, each of them with very specific connotations attached. Your good old original Customer Service is going to be finding it difficult to contend with all of the competition. How is he to be expected to fight back?

Answer: he doesn’t.

The Customer Service that you initially made friends with knows that you trust him. Your original customer service buddy stands out from the noise. Your customer service chap is a Brand Ambassador.

As a brand ambassador, your customer service buddy understands the complexities of customer service itself. He is emotionally intelligent and he doesn’t rely on technology or attractive prices to seal your transactions. Your brand ambassador is confident that he can assist you with the entire process, and he is comfortable knowing that his friends at after care will continue to cement your faith in his brand, staying with you long after you leave the store.

Here at Beyond The Box we supply highly experienced and professional people to be ambassadors for your brand.

Just like Mr Customer Service, our brand ambassadors take great pride in what they do and always achieve impeccable results. Providing exceptional customer service is more than just a standard requirement for our field marketing teams, it’s a passion.

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Don’t begin to feel glum about waving bye to Customer Service as you leave the store. He’s sure to be seeing you soon.