Confidence creates sales

Confidence creates sales

When the success of your business and your profit relies on the ability of others, one word is important. That word is confidence and it’s needed from four parties.

  • The retailer needs to be confident that their sales people have the skills to sell the right product to the customer.
  • The manufacturer of the product needs to be confident that the sales person will introduce their product into the sales solution.
  • The salesperson needs the confidence to approach customers and confidence in any product they introduce to them
  • The customer has to feel confident that the salesperson knows what they are talking about

Confidence certainly plays a huge part in the sales process yet it still amazes me how some retailers employ sales staff without establishing their ability to do four things. Read more..

Sales staff need to

  • make each and every customer feel comfortable so that have no regrets about walking into the store
  • engage in relaxed conversation so that information flows freely
  • ask the right questions at the right time
  • listen to what is said and what is not said so that clues and cues are easily recognised

Some have a natural gift and achieve the above more easily than others.

Skills can always be developed and even the best can improve with training and new ideas. The greater a salesperson’s skills, the more confident they will be, and the more confident the customer will be in their ability to help them.

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