Does body language really matter when talking on the telephone?

Does body language really matter when talking on the telephone?

For many people the response to this would be ‘no’. How can body language be important if the caller can’t see the person they are talking to?

Try this simple exercise

  1. Stand up so the air passage is open and say ‘good morning’.
  2. Sit down and relax into your chair so that your shoulders and chin are relaxed and say ‘good morning’. Can you hear the difference?
  3. Remain seated sit up in your chair, look ahead and repeat ‘good morning’ again. Can you hear the difference this time?

Quite clearly the position of the body has a fundamental effect on how words sound. When our shoulders and chin are dropped the words are more muffled. This could give someone listening to us the impression that we sound unhappy, unconcerned or even bored and uninterested.

This may not be the case – in fact it probably isn’t but that is the message that the person we are talking to will receive.

Be aware of your body language, the way you sit stand when on the telephone, and your breathing patterns. They all affect how you speak. Body language clearly does matter on the telephone if we want to send messages that are clearly and correctly understood.

If you’d like a more comprehensive answer to this question, please ask us for our full article on the subject.

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