Since we first opened our doors as a retail training and field marketing company back in 1999, we have been delighted to work with a vast range of companies, many of whom are household names.

Beyond The Box has grown year on year; we’re a thriving business. We’re focussed on getting results for our clients, every time. We work with some of the biggest brands in retail and supply and with many other blue chip businesses who want our training expertise.

We’re inspired to do even more when we see people and businesses achieve new and more challenging goals as a result of our help. We’re proud when we enable them to make greater contributions to their employers or shareholders.

What is Beyond The Box?

Does our aim strike a chord with you?

To deliver first class, inspirational training that positively changes people both professionally and personally to achieve business growth and success.

Do you share our vision?

That the standards of selling and service so improve that customers actively seek to experience interaction with a welcoming, engaged and knowledgeable sales person and that people’s individual skills are fully developed to enable them to reach their true potential and feel wholly fulfilled.

Do you share our values?

Honesty and Integrity  – amongst colleagues, clients and ourselves. Never knowingly or intentionally falsifying information, hiding or ignoring failed or incorrect actions. Immediately admitting if there any errors in our work or actions so that corrective action or damage limitation can be implemented at the earliest opportunity.

Dedication and Commitment  – to follow things through to completion with the same level of care and attention to detail, regardless of the work involved.

Passion and Enthusiasm  – for Beyond The Box and the industry we represent, for the work we do, for the relationships we build with our clients and for completing projects to a standard that inspires, impresses and exceeds expectations.

Loyalty and Respect – for ourselves and each other, our clients and suppliers and to Beyond The Box’s well earned reputation.

Friendly and Fun  – creating work and training environments that people enjoy and want to engage with, that inspire and empower the individual whilst supporting personal, team and business growth.

Thought and Consideration  – for the opinions and feelings of others and for the consequences of our actions. Always.

Help and Support  – for colleagues and clients, both professionally and personally if it is within our capability to do so.

Now you’re at the core. Welcome to the Beyond The Box way.

Contact us today on either 0845 270 6520 or send your enquiry by Email.

Our key people

  • Managing Director
    Christine Knott
  • Operations Director
    Karen Shaw
  • Head of Training
    Paul Nolan
  • Tim Osborn
    Training Specialist
    Tim Osborn
  • Debbie Brewer
    HR Specialist
    Debbie Brewer

Our partnerships

We have a lot of excellent contacts after so many years in this business, which means that we have access to just about any and every service that our clients need to achieve their objectives.

We have a sister company, Infront Promotions, created many years ago to supply promotional field activity and merchandise that can be linked to a client’s campaign. From fast turnaround items and simple pens through electronics and more valuable gifts, we ensure they will really get you noticed.

We also work in partnership with Silverpoint Display who design and manufacture retail display material. They create stunning and effective displays and point of sale material, they are thoroughly reliable and they share our passion and enthusiasm for making sales figures jump.

By putting the client and their objectives at the heart of everything we do, we are able to develop training solutions that aren’t just effective, they can inspire and empower people, change cultures and behaviours and ultimately result in more profitable people and businesses.

How can we help you meet your objectives?

Contact us today on either 0845 270 6520 or send your enquiry by Email.